About to burst!!

Ok, so this is not a required blog post for my Math Rocks cohort, but I am so excited about something I just created that I’m going to burst if I don’t share it!

I just made my very first screencast-o-matic video!!!

This may not be a big deal to a lot of people, but for me it is huge. I learned about this resource at a tech training given by our district ITS’s (Instructional Technology Specialists) last semester but hadn’t seen a need for it yet. Well, given the right opportunity, just look what can be created!

My need came from a problem. My campus principal wanted me to present a Math Unit Planning Kick Off for our campus, but the Monday she wanted this to happen was the same day I had a required training. Uh oh… After we talked through it and foudn that there was no flexibility with when this information should be presented, we decided she would just present it for me and I gave her some main points to cover. Well, that just wasn’t good enough for me. I knew there had to be a better way for me to give information to my campus without actually being present and making sure everything I would want to cover would get covered, that’s where screencast-0-matic comes in!!

At first I was going to just record myself talking on the webcam but I really needed to show teachers what I was talking about on a computer screen. Luckily, I can do both with this program. I used a scripted recording and was able to fairly easily create the video in about 2 hours, granted it was my first time, I’m pretty sure it will go faster next time I make a video.

So, I guess the proof is in the pudding, so here’s my video. Feel free to leave constructive feedback on how I could improve my process in the future and let my new learning encourage you to try something new instead of giving up the next time you encounter a problem or obstacle.

Click here to see my video.